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"This kid can play!"

- B.B. King

Kyle and BB King 1.JPG

- The Rocking Magpie: Music Magaize

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"This band brings the A Game!"

- Americana Highways


Americana Highways Logo.png

"He never overplays his hand, and he uses taste, tone, and timing to season his heartfelt lyrics with the right amount of flavor."

- Jere Mendelsohn: Guitarist, Producer, and Recording Artist

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"Culkin is a natural story teller with a compelling voice and impressive electric guitar chops."

- Matthew Alexander: Producer and Recording Artist


Matthew_Alexander_1256.8 cover_photo.jpeg

"It's an impressive collection that showcases his fine guitar playing and great voice..."

- Carl Verheyen: Guitarist for Supertramp and Legendary Session Musician

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"Highly Recommended!"

Keys and Chords: Music Magazine


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- The Rocking Magpie: Music Magazine

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